Airbrush Tanning

Here is the latest, newest, smartest way to tan. The solution is, itself, a skin softener and moisturizer. It contains no alcohol which tends to dry the skin. Once we hand-spray the solution on you, it dries quickly and non-sticky within minutes.

Our solution does not burn or damage your skin. Tan shades range from light to deep bronze. We also feature "Blackout" which is a professional color used by dancers and actors, and is priced slightly higher.

Typically, your tan will last 7 days. It gradually fades as you shower. Maintain your tan by moisturizing faithfully and daily. You will be instantly colored as we spray. This stain will wash off with your first shower (6-8 hours after spraying), and a great, golden tan will be left on your skin.

Perfect for a year-around healthy look. Ideal for both guys and gals who want a radiant, tanned complexion with out the damage.

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