Rejuvenu Permanent Hair Removal

Rejuvenu is the newest way to remove hair and keep it off. It is a totally NON-INVASIVE method of removing unwanted hair from most areas. The procedure is painless and requires several appointments. While we remove all visible hair during your scheduled time, you must remember that more hair will still grow. Up to 800 hairs can grow in a square inch of skin. We canonly remove them as they appear. (Like weeds in a yard, they keep growing until all are finally killed out.) Rejuvenu is ideal for facial hair and for men's backs. The procedure is a trans-dermal method of hair removal. This means NOTHING ever pierces your skin. It is similar to high frequency and galvanic current which we use in facials. And..TOTALLY PAIN FREE. Like waxing, the number of treatments you may need depends upon your hair growth and texture.

Call us and ask questions. We like that. And we will do our very best to help you attain smooth, hair-free skin at an affordable price.

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